Protecting Our World

Making a Difference

An integral component of our brand promise is to respect our communities and protect our environment. Each initiative that we undertake is carefully considered to ensure we are truly making a difference. We take our commitment very seriously and we invite our guests to be a part of the solution to protecting our world.

  • Elephant Nature Park
  • Khun Lek Chailert

Elephant Nature Park

In honour of World Elephant Day, 137 Pillars Hotels and Resorts announced a partnership with Elephant Nature Park, a rescue and rehabilitation sanctuary for elephants in Chiang Mai. The goal of this partnership is to raise awareness and support this meaningful organization in their elephant conservation efforts and reforestation projects.

Farm To Table


Our brand is committed to sustainable living. We have eliminated the use of plastic wherever possible. In addition, we compost 90 percent of garden waste and have a robust mosquito management program to avoid fogging sprays. Taking our responsibilities seriously, we continue to seek ways to be a leading sustainable brand in all areas of the business.

Eco Friendly Products

Our Locally Sourced Products

137 Pillars Bangkok has a choice of retail items featuring eco-friendly and organic products from Thai producers, and which make thoughtful gifts for family, friends, office colleagues, and business associates.