The Art of Giving Afternoon Tea

Until 30 April 2025

A Collaboration between 137 Pillars Suites & Residences Bangkok and Artstory by Autistic Thai.

  • Bangkok Trading Post
  • Baan Borneo Club

In line with our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, 137 Pillars Suites & Residences Bangkok is delighted to announce the launch of a unique culinary experience: "The Art of Giving" afternoon tea set. In partnership with Artstory by Autistic Thai, this initiative aims to celebrate the creativity and talent of individuals with autism while promoting inclusivity and support within our community through different words that define the Autism community.

Experience a meaningful and delightful blend of flavours with meticulously crafted savoury and sweet bites, served alongside freshly baked scones, jam, and Monsoon Tea. It's a culinary adventure designed to please and satisfy every palate.

Available from May 1, 2024 – April 30, 2025 from 12.00 PM - 5.00 PM.
Venue : Bangkok Trading Post and Baan Borneo Club
Prices are THB 2,300++ per couple or THB 2,700++ per couple, including 2 glasses of sparkling wines.
*Prices are subject to 10% service charge and applicable government tax.

Giving: Edamame Mousse with Parmesan Cheese in a Charcoal Tart topped with Greens
“Opportunities, akin to bean plants, grow, thrive, and ultimately serve others in the future."

Support: Salmon Parfait with Ikura on Crispy Raspberries
“The smoked salmon, dill, and cream cheese compliment each other harmoniously, balanced by the crispy raspberries."

Training: Seared Scallop filled with Tomato and Avocado Mousse, wrapped in Parma Ham and topped with Chiang Mai Caviar
“Rolling Parma ham into a circular shape demands skill and training.”

Equality: Baked Lobster, Crab Meat and Fennel in Savoury Tart topped with Cheddar Cheese
“Crab meat and lobster, both shellfish, are often thought to differ in appearance and price. However, they share equal nutritional value.”

Self: Yuzu and Citrus Cream nested in Coconut Dacquoise within a Meringue Tart
“The tart shell stands stable and strong, much like ourselves, cradling the delightful blend of sourness and mellowness in the yuzu mousse.”

Different: Strawberry and Mulberry in Cream Cheese Mousse
“When strawberries and mulberries unite, their distinct flavours blend into unique combination."

Imagination: Green Tea Mousse with Red Bean filling, glazed with Colourful Vanilla
“The colourful vanilla glaze symbolizes the imaginative creativity that autistic children express through their art.”

Gifted: Hazelnut Parline with Dark Chocolate Base
“Praline, like a thoughtful gift, offers a variety of benefits. Its flavourful taste and aroma provide nut oils containing essential vitamins.”

Artstory By AutisticThai: Cherry Brandy Raincake surrounded by Brown Sugar
“The clear appearance of raincake is refreshing, as the purity seen in autistic children. Surrounding it with brown sugar, symbolizes the support and upliftment provided by those who care for these children.”

Join us in creating shared value and supporting inclusivity as part of the revenues from every "The Art of Giving" afternoon tea set sold will be donated to the Thai Autistic Foundation.

For reservations and more information, please call us at +66 2 0797000 or contact via our LINE Official Account (@137pillarshotels).

About Artstory By AutisticThai

Artstory is a social enterprise business for autistic individuals and other exceptional persons. Together, we create many products using "Art" as our inspiration. The products themselves are unique and extraordinary! Art Story supports by Thai Autism Vocational Center under the Autistic Foundation which enhance people with special needs to gain their self development with dignity.