137 Pillars Stride & Sustain Project

Social Responsibility 137 Pillars Bangkok

Empowering Health & Community

In March, 137 Pillars Bangkok launched the inspiring 137 Pillars Stride & Sustain project, aligning with our commitment to health & wellness, sustainability, and community engagement. Led by our dedicated owner and management team, we championed the importance of well-being among our employees.

Throughout the month, we encouraged our team to participate in walking or running activities that promoted exercise. Every kilometer covered by our employees translated into a meaningful donation towards supporting the Sports Association for the Disabled of Thailand under the Royal Patronage.

With a collective effort, we surpassed 1,400 kilometers, symbolizing our dedication to both personal health and community welfare. For every kilometer achieved, we pledged to donate 10 baht, resulting in a total donation of 16,000 baht, including our own contribution.

Together, we stride towards a healthier future while making a lasting difference in the lives of others.