A Heartwarming Gathering for Heritage

Social Responsibility 137 Pillars Chiang Mai

Preserving cultural heritage for future generations.

On 21 February, 2024, marked a momentous occasion as a team from our friends from 137 Pillars House came together, united by a common cause: the preservation of our cultural heritage. Led by the inspiring initiative "Small People and Conservation", and with the generous legacy of the William Bain family, we embarked on a journey to safeguard a piece of our history - the Wat Ketkaram Museum. Together, we've raised an astonishing THB 414,113, propelling us closer to our goal of restoring the magnificence of Wat Ketkaram Museum, a project estimated to require THB 20 million.

The Pha Paa ceremony, a beautiful tradition rich in meaning and goodwill, was not just a gathering but a powerful statement of our commitment to cultural preservation. It's heartening to see such passion and unity in support of conserving our heritage for future generations.

This event is a reminder of the strength found in community and the impact we can make when we unite for a cause greater than ourselves. Our heritage connects us to our past, shapes our present, and guides us into the future. Let's continue to support and preserve these treasures with the same spirit of generosity and unity.