Bottle Caps for Change

Environmentally Responsible 137 Pillars Bangkok

Transforming Disused Aluminum Waste and Plastic Caps into Impact.

At 137 Pillars Suites & Residences Bangkok, we are committed to making a positive impact. Our waste separation project actively engages both guests and employees, with a specific focus on plastic and aluminum bottle caps. Recently, we proudly donated these bottle caps to the Green Road Project and the Aluminum Donation Project for Royal Prosthetics, contributing to the transformation of waste into valuable resources.

About GREEN ROAD Project by the Department of Water Resource:

We collect plastic bottle caps for recycling. These are transformed into building blocks for flooring, green roads, tables, chairs, and more. The finished products are then donated to schools, temples, national parks, and public areas throughout the country.

About Aluminum Donation Project for Royal Prosthetics:

In collaboration with the Pollution Control Department and the Princess Srinagarindra Prostheses Foundation, we collect aluminum donations, including pull rings from drinking water caps and cans. These items become crucial components for creating royal prosthetics. The funds generated are used to procure prosthetic leg equipment, benefiting the disabled and the elderly.