Free-range Duck from Klong Phai Farm

Local Procurement 137 Pillars Bangkok

Savour the exquisite flavours of free-range duck featured in our flavorful Thai cuisine at Nimitr Restaurant

Nimitr Restaurant & Rooftop Bar is proud to announce the inclusion of premium duck from Klong Phai Farm in two exquisite dishes - Gaeng Phed Ped Yang and Ped Ob Kafe.

Klong Phai Farm prioritizes high standards of care. At Klong Phai Farm, they care passionately about the provenance of animals. They believe in working in harmony with nature and strive to provide all animals with as humane an existence as possible.

Klong Phai Farm does all it can to ensure that the entire production process from start to finish is as humane as possible. Barbary ducks are known for their preference for clean conditions. The farm strives to provide spotless areas with substantial amounts of space for the ducks to roam freely ultimately resulting in higher quality meat. The specialized process used in rearing free-range ducks ensures that the result is a generous and delicious-tasting bird with succulent marbled meat and an exceptionally rich and irresistible flavor.

Photo Credit: Facebook Klong Phai Farm