Protecting Our World

Local Sourced Products

Sustainability has always been at the forefront of our mission and operations and we will continue to enhance our efforts. Additionally, we always try to support local businesses and economies where possible. Every guest that visits can take comfort in knowing that they’re helping to support the local economy and greater earth, without compromising on luxury.

Impani Amenity bag

Impani is a collection of Ratchaburi householders who are adapting the traditional pa kao ma natural fabric by bringing more variety to the colours and developing a stylish range of fashionable wear and accessories that are rooted deep in the Thai culture.

Sonite Décor

Sonite is a Bangkok-based company that specialises in bio-composite décor, and its interior accessories form an evolving collection crafted from up to 40 percent natural rice husk waste that would usually be discarded and either burned or dumped. Available in a palette of five warm earth tones, these household objects are individually hand-coated for strength and durability.

Bambooyst Bamboo tumbler

Bambooyst inspires everyone to play a part in reducing plastic pollution with a selection of reusable, sustainable, and stylish alternatives to single-use products, made largely from bio-degradable natural bamboo. This bamboo tumbler is easy to carry, and is an ideal replacement for the plastic disposable coffee cups in your daily morning routine.

Papa Paper Craft

Mulberry paper combines function and usability with its own charm in appearance and touch. Ton Pao, a collection of villages in Chiang Mai, is considered the production centre in Thailand for handmade paper. Bo Sang village, especially, is renowned for its traditional saa paper, made from the bark of the growing mulberry bush in Northern Thailand.

KanVela Craft Chocolate

Chiang Mai-based KanVela produces craft chocolate using ca- cao beans from trees carefully selected to meet Thailand’s soil and climate, the farm-to-factory method including sun-drying the beans after harvest. KanVela agriculturalists collaborate with the Thai plantation farmers both in growing and in direct trading of the produce, benefitting the farming communities in knowledge and income.

Wax Valley Candle Co

Natural organic soy wax with a cotton wick forms the candles made by Thailand’s Wax Valley Candle Co, replacing the paraffin that is usually the main component.  A clean burn, no black soot, a lower melting temperature, and a gentle fra- grance free from toxic fumes make the candles an attractive feature for any setting that requires soft, warm candlelight.

HARNN Bathroom Amenities

HARNN is Thailand’s own creator of high quality wellness and beauty products, using only natural ingredients and methods gathered from generations of Thai artisans to enhance the way in which people care for themselves. Our gift set has shampoo, conditioner and body lotion based on the essence of the yellow, star-shaped ylang ylang flower.

Monsoon Tea

Steeped in history and originality, Monsoon Tea specialises in exceptional wild and free-grown tea from the hills of northern Thailand.

Premium Healthy Snacks

Nana Fruit, De La Lita whole wheat chips, and Nut Natur are premium healthy snack options that offer a range of nutrients and health benefits, including fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. When choosing these snacks, it's important to opt for high-quality, minimally processed varieties and consume them in moderation as part of a balanced diet.

Local Rum Spirits

Iron Balls Gin and Chalong Bay are premium local spirits from Southeast Asia. Iron Balls Gin features locally sourced ingredients and a unique flavor profile, while Chalong Bay is a pure sugarcane-based spirit that is perfect for cocktails and mixology. Both are excellent choices for those who enjoy quality spirits with a local twist


Greenery offers 100% recyclable cans for their pure and refreshing water products, including Greenery Water and Greenery Sparkling. With a commitment to reducing plastic waste, Greenery's water is filtered using a Reverse Osmosis system to ensure the highest quality.