Nimitr Restaurant

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Local herbs and spices enrich aromatic Thai cuisine

With our proprietors' unwavering passion for showcasing the captivating world of Thai herbs and spices, Nimitr Restaurant eagerly invites guests to explore the diverse flavors of Thai cuisine, each originating from different regions of Thailand and offering its own unique and healthful qualities.

Led by our esteemed Thai Executive Chef Korawit Rungchat (Nat), our culinary team has curated a menu of authentic Thai dishes drawn from various regions of Thailand, utilizing local herbs and spices to bring out aromatic flavours and provide a multitude of health benefits.

Our culinary journey commences with the ‘Miang Kham King Scallops’, an appetizer that harmonizes an array of herbs and vegetables, including lemongrass, betel leaves, coconut, and shallots, all crowned with succulent king scallops. This delightful morsel offers a symphony of flavours in every bite. In the Thai salad category, we proudly present ‘Grilled Thai Wagyu Beef served with Chakram Leaves Salad and Duck Egg’. The Chakram Leaves' unique briny essence, originating from Thailand's coastal provinces, pairs divinely with the coconut sauce and Wagyu beef, delivering a medley of freshness and savoury notes.

For enthusiasts of traditional Thai cuisine, our Nam Prik, or Chili Paste, takes center stage. ‘Poo Lon’, a delectable relish from Central Thailand crafted from high-quality soft-shell crab, crab meat, coconut, chili, and an assortment of mixed herbs, is served alongside local vegetables and herbs. This condiment invites guests to taste the essence of Thai cuisine by dipping into its rich flavors. Our soup selection spotlights a cherished North-Eastern Thai specialty: ‘Tom Sab Kai Mod Dang Pla Yang’. This warm soup combines a herbal blend of lemongrass, kaffir lime, galangal, and basil leaves, accompanied by crispy red ant eggs and seared tuna, creating a tantalizing medley of flavours.

Our main course features an interactive dish, a yellow curry from the South of Thailand called ‘Gang Lueng Pla Salmon’. This curry is unique by its vibrant yellow color and the complex blend of spices derived from mixed herbs and chili paste. It becomes truly special when combined with the delicate texture of salmon and topped with salmon roe. Another main dish that can't be missed is the ‘Gai Yang with Ma Kham Sauce’, a contemporary interpretation of a beloved Thai classic. Our innovative dish showcases free range baby chicken, marinated with tamarind sauce and Thai condiments, delivering a delectable and health-conscious choice for discerning diners.

Immerse yourself in the innovative and tasteful world of Thai cuisine at Nimitr Restaurant. Allow our mesmerizing skyline views to elevate your dining experience as you discover the boundless benefits of herbs and spices from the rich tapestry of Thailand's diverse regions.

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