Unveiling 137 Pillars House Museum

Social Responsibility 137 Pillars Chiang Mai

Safeguarding the rich tapestry of cultural heritage is paramount to us.

137 Pillars House opened a museum nestled amongst the 137 pillars of our historic teak homestead in December 2023, inviting guests to explore the fascinating history of teak, teak wallahs, and the Borneo Company, dating back over 100 years. The teak tree's significance in shipbuilding and railways drove a historical shift to northern Siam for its prized resource, managed primarily by the British Borneo Company Limited (BCL). Teak-wallahs, European overseers with diverse backgrounds, led isolated lives in the forest camps, dedicating years to harvesting teak, shaping the region's ecology and forming personal connections with the locals. BCL's expansion diversified its trade while maintaining a pivotal role in the teak industry. Figures like Louis T. Leonowens, C.B. Ainslie, David Fleming Macfie, and William Bain contributed significantly to BCL's presence in Chiang Mai, leaving enduring imprints through their roles, business endeavors, and personal lives. Their stories reflect a complex blend of commerce, culture, and personal sacrifices in the pursuit of teak, leaving a lasting legacy in the region's history.