Social Responsibility 137 Pillars Hotels & Resorts

Elephant Nature Park

In honour of World Elephant Day, 137 Pillars Hotels and Resorts announced a partnership with Elephant Nature Park, a rescue and rehabilitation sanctuary for elephants in Chiang Mai.

Social Responsibility 137ピラーズバンコク

Sustainable Tourism

Cultivating Experiences, Nurturing Communities

Environmentally Responsible 137ピラーズバンコク

Waste Management

Waste management involves collecting, processing, recycling, and disposing of waste to reduce environmental impact and recover value from materials. 

Environmentally Responsible 137ピラーズバンコク

Sustainability Management Platform

Weeva's sustainability management platform helps us track, measure, and report on their sustainable operations in one central platform.

Environmentally Responsible 137ピラーズバンコク

Say No to Plastic

Eco-Friendly Elements for an Enlightened Stay

Environmentally Responsible 137ピラーズバンコク

Collaborate to reduce food waste

We are deeply concerned about food waste and are dedicated to addressing this pressing issue. To further our commitment, we have partnered to reduce food waste in a meaningful way.

Social Responsibility 137ピラーズバンコク

Eco-friendly transportation options

Embrace sustainable mobility for a greener tomorrow. 

Social Responsibility 137ピラーズチェンマイ

Dedicated to society

We are committed to making a meaningful difference in the communities we serve to foster a brighter future for those in need.

Social Responsibility 137ピラーズバンコク


Thank You for the Love! Recapping Our Support for Animals on World Animal Day & International Cat Day

Social Responsibility 137ピラーズバンコク

A Uniform Donation Initiative

Empower change through the gift of clothes for a brighter future for those in need.

Social Responsibility 137ピラーズバンコク

Aid for Good Shepherd Initiative

We've made a donation to Good Shepherd, a local non-profit, highlighting our commitment to fostering a brighter future for those in need in the communities we serve.

Social Responsibility 137ピラーズバンコク

Collaboration with Art Story

It's OK to be different

Local Procurement 137ピラーズバンコク

Our Locally Sourced Products

We take pride in showcasing eco-friendly Thai products, allowing you to not only immerse yourself in the richness of local culture but also contribute to sustainability by reducing carbon emissions from transportation.

Local Procurement 137ピラーズバンコク

Nimitr Restaurant

Local herbs and spices enrich aromatic Thai cuisine

Local Procurement 137ピラーズバンコク

Moringa Project

Discover the essence of natural, non-toxic, and vegan beauty at Nitra Serenity Centre Bangkok.

Social Responsibility 137ピラーズバンコク

Preserving Thai culture at 137 Pillars Bangkok.

For us at 137 Pillars Hotels & Resorts, preserving Thai culture goes beyond duty; it's an investment in building a society that is brighter and more enriched.

Local Procurement 137ピラーズバンコク

Our Locally Sourced In-Room Amenities

Experience a touch of local culture and support our community with our in-room amenities sourced locally.

Embracing Sustainability: Nurturing Tomorrow, Cherishing Today