Kitchen's Secret Cooking Class

Embark on a culinary journey with kitchen’s secret cooking class.

  • Nimitr

Unlock the secrets of authentic Thai cuisine at Kitchen Secret Cooking Class. Led by our Executive Chef, this hands-on culinary experience will guide you through the art of Thai cooking, from selecting fresh ingredients to crafting delicious dishes that capture the essence of Thai flavours.

Join us for a journey into the heart of Thai cuisine. Your class begins with a visit to our hotel's Herb Garden, where you'll handpick fresh ingredients for your culinary creations. Under the expert guidance of our chefs, you'll learn to prepare three delicious Thai courses from scratch, mastering the techniques and flavours that make Thai cuisine so unique.

After the cooking session, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the meal you’ve prepared. Delight in the satisfaction of crafting a culinary masterpiece from start to finish.

THB 2,500++ per person: Includes a cooking class for three dishes and one complimentary dessert.
Choose your cooking class location at Nimitr Restaurant & Rooftop Bar on Level 27 or in the Garden on Level 29, each class lasting 2 hours.

To book the Kitchen Secret Cooking Class or for more information please contact us at tel +662 079 7000 or email